Uitvoeren van beheersmaatregelen totaal beheersplan veiligheid

Due to circumstances it may occur that a cleaning and/or disinfection* of your drinking water system or cooling tower is necessary to eliminate the bacterium and clear out pollution.

Prior to carrying out such drastic action, it is very important to know what the cause of the pollution is. Our experience shows that the standard management plan for this isn’t always the solution. A targeted source investigation for the cause of the pollution or contamination is an essential importance to achieve a worthy outcome. Rushing the cleaning process and hoping that bacteria’s will be eliminated with resampling, will cost a lot of money and won’t solve the problems. A source investigation like that can be executed by one of our consultants.

mwa Desinfectie1

When this source investigation shows that the system is technically in good shape, the cleaning and disinfection of the system can take place. First it must be determined whether disinfection alone is sufficient. Then, the method of cleaning or disinfection must be customized on the basis of the status of the system and used piping materials and fittings.

Cleaning and disinfection with disinfectants is executed by us with CTGB admission as prescribed by law.

*Disinfection is the killing of the bacteria. Cleaning is the elimination of large amounts of debris accumulation such as lime, biofilm and algae.