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From our long experience in the installation industrie, we established the following products and services. With this extensive range of products and services we can serve as comprehensive as possible.

The legionella management plan is the central document for your (drinking) water system. We are specialized in the draw up of legionella management plans for drinking water installations, cooling towers, aeraulics systems, swimming pools and process water systems.





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Our advice is focused on minimizing management measures at all times. However, manual maintenance of certain system parts stays necessary. When this is the case, it should be carried out by specialized people to make sure the work is done as good as possible.

Since a few years every building manager is ‘required’ to become Legionella specialist, to make sure the system is used properly. 
Given, that time is valuable for a building manager, outsourcing is an obvious step.

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Pipeline drawings of your system are essential in the management plan. Since the updating of the illustrations of the system often lags behind compared to the adjustments to the drinking water system, it is important to have digital illustrations of your system. With these illustrations, the threshold to adapt the illustrations becomes considerably smaller.


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According to the regulations it is compulsory, in relation to the legionella management plan, to judge the quality of water for presence of legionella bacterium.We would gladly take care of the sampling and analysis, in which our accredited partners will provide these activities.




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The drinking water system contains several protectors. To determine whether these protectors (check valves) actually operate, it is of great importance to verify their correct operation. We are equipped with the necessary tools and experience to carry out this specialized maintenance.




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When the temperature of the cold water in your drinking water system at one or more points shows it is too high, which is at 25˚C or higher, there is a great chance of getting a legionella infection in your system. To simplify searching for the cause of such a heating we have a fast and easy method to detect this: through a Hotspot analysis with Infrared camera.


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Administration for you as a building manager is a growing burden. To limit the amount of supervision and administration it is worth to invest in digitization of your administrative tasks. Think in this case about digitizing and automating your legionella prevention log.


Due to circumstances it may occur that a cleaning and/or disinfection* of your drinking water system or cooling tower is necessary to eliminate the bacterium and clear out pollution.

Prior to carrying out such drastic action, it is very important to know what the cause of the pollution is. Our experience shows that the standard management plan for this isn’t always the solution. A targeted source investigation for the cause of the pollution or contamination is an essential importance to achieve a worthy outcome. Rushing the cleaning process and hoping that bacteria’s will be eliminated with resampling, will cost a lot of money and won’t solve the problems. A source investigation like that can be executed by one of our consultants.

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If it appears that (regular) thermal management of the drinking water system doesn’t give the desired result, there is a possibility to choose for an alternative management technique. To come to the right decision in terms of type of technology, a thorough research is essential.




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The legionella management plan of your drinking water system is based on a single risk assessment.

This snapshot gives the consultant the chance to draw up a management plan in accordance with the status of the system at that time. However, over time the system changes because of technical adjustments and the use of taps and machines can change as well.

To avoid unnecessary management measures, or even the focus on wrong points, it is important that the management plan and the logs are balanced regularly to the status of the system and its users.

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